Quality and project management

We work with a quality and project management system. We were first awarded DIN ISO 9001 certification through the TÜV Südwest organisation back in July 1995. Our approach to quality and project management when executing projects is split into four areas:

Project administration

Objectives and technical planning

Cost budgeting


Every project that we manage is subdivided into project phases and work packages. With our quality and project management system we ensure that your project meets all requirements in respect of functionality, timings and technical solutions, and both the quality and the organisation of it are good. The most important elements to ensure this are:

  • the deployment of qualified and motivated staff
  • clear setting of tasks, responsibilities and objectives for each project phase
  • grouping of tasks and responsibilities into work packages
  • documentation management, including specification of the documents to be produced, person(s) responsible for this, review and release stages
  • regular sessions with the client and/or developer and related parties to assess actual versus planned status
  • regular checks on quality, timings and expenditure to date during the planning and construction phases
  • change and supplement management
  • clear documentation of the results of planning and coordination of these with the client and/or developer and related parties
  • optimal use of our IT-related tools and aids

ISO 9001:2015 certificate issued by TÜV