Our equipment


Every employee works with modern, high-specification IT equipment. All our IT and CAD systems have been adapted to fulfil the requirements of the area of the business in which the hardware and software is used.


For example, we have programs / tools to enable the following calculations / tasks to be performed:

Energy engineering and technology

  • Thermodynamic cycles calculations
  • Gas turbine and waste heat boiler programs, gas turbine calculations etc.
  • Simulation of electrical networks, short circuit and load flow calculation
  • Pipe network analysis for steam and condensate networks, heating and cooling networks, cold and drinking water piping, gas piping etc.

Technical building services

  • Heat load, heating surface design, pipe network analysis
  • Cooling load, ducting network analysis
  • Quantity surveying
  • Sound pressure calculation
  • Lighting calculation
  • Energy efficiency calculation tools for cross-sectional technologies

Energy management

  • Heating, cooling and electricity requirements with load profile and load duration curve
  • Energy, emissions and pollutant footprints
  • Cost and cost-benefit calculations
  • Electricity and gas transmission cost calculations
  • Simulation of structured electricity procurement
  • Energy controlling

Project and quality management

  • Drawing up invitation to tender, bid comparisons, price overview and cost tracking/controlling
  • Cost calculations and tracking
  • Scheduling and deadline monitoring
  • Project management with work packages, responsibilities, document management and work check lists

Measurement equipment and other items

In addition, we have a huge range of measurement equipment with storage and analysis modules for e.g.

  • temperature
  • pressure
  • air speed
  • volume and heat flows
  • compressed air
  • electrical power consumption
  • lighting intensity
  • sound
  • thermal imaging