New gas turbine plant of Daimler AG in Sindelfingen officially opened  

Daimler AG’s existing combined heat and power plant at its Sindelfingen site has been expanded into a gas and steam turbine plant with the construction of a gas turbine with a heat recovery steam generator. After two and a half years of planning and construction, the new plant was officially opened on 16 October 2013.

An existing high-pressure boiler was dismantled to make room for the new plant. The gas turbine plant has been built in its place within the existing power plant.

October 2013

Eproplan quality management system successfully certified  

Back in 1995 Eproplan was one of the first engineering firms to introduce a quality management system compliant with DIN ISO 9001. In September this system was successfully recertified for another three years following a comprehensive audit by TÜV Süd. Particularly positive aspects identified by the TÜV were the high level of professional expertise and safe operational procedures in project handling at Eproplan. 

September 2013

Topping-out ceremony for new gas turbine hall at DFS Energy, a wholly owned subsidiary of Deutsche Flugsicherung  

All those involved attended the topping-out ceremony on 12 April 2013. The carcass for the new gas turbines, heat recovery steam generator and the gas compressors was completed after a very short construction period in conditions that were exacerbated by the very harsh winter. The empty premises of the building shell are now being “filled” with engineering systems. The first sections of the plant in this new building are due to be commissioned as early as June of this year. 

April 2013

Planning of electrical infrastructure for Airbus - A320 final assembly line in Alabama, USA  

Following the successful construction of the final assembly line in China, Airbus is carrying out a similar project in Mobile, Alabama. The plant is set to supply customers with aircraft in the A320 family from 2016. Eproplan helps the general contractor’s team with concept design, focusing on the planning of electrical distribution systems and data networks. You will find the official press release from Airbus here

December 2012

Our Eproplan "Energy 2012" seminar meets with great approval" 

This year’s Eproplan "Energy 2012" seminar, held on 19 September, was a great success. The event was fully booked and feedback from all those who attended was very positive. We are already looking forward to the next event and would like to thank everyone who took part for their support. 

September 2012

Our Eproplan "Energy 2012" seminar meets with great approval" 

This year’s Eproplan "Energy 2012" seminar, held on 19 September, was a great success. The event was fully booked and feedback from all those who attended was very positive. We are already looking forward to the next event and would like to thank everyone who took part for their support. 

September 2012

Successful launch of the CCI Energy Efficiency Network Stuttgart-Heilbronn  

Eproplan has initiated an energy efficiency network with 11 industrial enterprises in conjunction with the chambers of commerce and industry for the regions of Stuttgart and Heilbronn-Franken.

Here is a picture of the opening event of the CCI Energy Efficiency Network Stuttgart-Heilbronn on 13.06.2012.

The aim of the network is to help its members identify their individual potential for energy-saving measures and to implement these effectively within the shortest possible time. Eproplan produces an individual list of measures for each business to this end, duly evaluated and prioritised for implementation. Network meetings are held (moderated by Eproplan) to give the companies targeted information on important energy-efficiency techniques and how to put them into practice. The network meeting is an opportunity to compare notes with colleagues, discuss important themes and inspect schemes that have already been implemented. The companies thus learn from one another very quickly and gather practical experience for implementing measures of their own. Eproplan already oversees 12 networks with around 120 businesses in Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Rhineland-Palatinate and Hesse. Eproplan is currently planning various other networks with partner institutions. Should you be interested in joining a network, please get in touch with us (contact person: Dr. Rolf Diemer, tel. (07 11) 7 69 88-38).

June 2012

Eproplan delivers guest lecture on power plant licensing procedure at Biberach University of Applied Sciences 

On 13 June 2012 Joachim Sommer, one of the managing partners of Eproplan GmbH, gave a guest lecture on the subject of licensing procedures for industrial power stations at Biberach University of Applied Sciences. The lecture was part of the course on “Production of energy from biomass / SoKa regenerative energy systems", primarily for students in the 7th semester of the energy systems course and those studying for a master’s degree in building climate. Students listened with great interest as they were told about the key principles from the perspective of the planner and the practical experience gained from projects.

June 2012

Procedure to license CHP plant for UPM Schongau plant 

In mid-May Eproplan submitted an application for approval of the new "SOG CombiPlus" project at the Schongau plant of Papierfabrik UPM. The planned power plant has a maximum rated thermal input of 197 MW (gas turbine and additional furnace) and a heat recovery steam generator with a maximum 120 t/h and achieves a maximum electrical output of around 85 MW.

After a very short completeness check, the scheme was published in the official journal dated 01.06.2012.

June 2012

Completion of new inpatient and surgical wing and power station with combined heat and power unit for Markgröningen Orthopaedic Clinic 

The start of April 2012 saw the inauguration and opening of the new inpatient and surgical wing. The clinic thus reached another important milestone in its history. The existing power station supplying heat, cooling and electricity was made fit for purpose at the same time and expanded with a combined heat and power unit. Eproplan took charge of all the planning and supervision of engineering works for the new inpatient and surgical wing as well as the power station upgrade. Eproplan’s next step is to undertake the technical rehabilitation required to modernise the clinic’s existing inpatient wings A + B.

April 2012

Successful implementation of energy concept for the Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt facility in Braunschweig  

Eproplan GmbH produced a facility-wide energy and climate-protection concept for the Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt in Braunschweig (PTB), Germany’s national metrology institute, whose 70 or so buildings are used for a wide variety of purposes, were built over a number of years and cover an area of around 1 km². The energy concept in question includes opportunities for improved energy efficiency and concepts designed to optimise the building stock and asset portfolio, and it enables the PTB to implement the measures identified in line with modern technical, economic and ecological standards.

March 2012