Official inauguration of residual material combustion facility and gas and steam turbine CHP plant at Palm paper mill

On 27.04.2007 and with State President, Kurt Beck, in attendance, the CHP plant at Palm paper mill in Wörth am Rhein was officially inaugurated. The plant – costing in the region of € 100 million - converts almost all of Palm’s production residue into heat and supplies the Wörth production site with electricity and steam.

April 2009

First profits within the energy efficiency network Ostwuerttemberg

"Increased energy efficiency and reduced CO2-emissions." These are the halftime results of the energy efficiency network Ostwuerttemberg. In this network of 10 industrial companies Eproplan investigated 180 energy saving measures. The first measurements have already been realized with energy savings of about 4 %. Further energy saving measures will be prepared and implemented (press release RZ of 10th July 2009). 

August 2009

Eproplan takes of the energy consulting of the first 2 by BMU founded pilot-networks "energy efficiency" in Germany

Since February 2009 the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) is funding 30 pilot-networks concerning protection of climate and energy efficiency in industrial companies. In June 2009 the first 2 pilot-networks in Germany (region of Heilbronn-Franken and region of Karlsruhe), each with 10 industrial companies, started operation. Eproplan supervises these companies as energy consultant over a project duration of 4 years. For each company Eproplan is providing individual and integrated energy saving analysis and is supporting the companies in implementation, monitoring and efficiency control of energy saving measures.    

July 2009

“Energy 2008” Eproplan Best Practice Seminar voted a success

We were delighted to be able to hold another of our seminars again this year. At “Energy 2008”, the choice and quality of the presentations were very much appreciated and evaluated very positively overall by just under 30 participants who attended the seminar. Due to the excellent feedback, we are certain to continue the series of seminars in 2009.

September 2008

More than € 6.6 million funding allocated for Senden wood gas plant

The Federal Ministry of Agriculture is to support the construction of a wood gas power plant with funding of just under € 6.6 million. The project operated by the Stadtwerke Ulm/Neu-Ulm utility company (SWU) will set new standards in the impact and efficiency of combined heat and power (CHP) facilities which use biomass (Press release). Eproplan played a key role in preparing the necessary funding application and will also assist with the ongoing implementation in a planning and advisory role.

September 2008

Eproplan Best Practice Seminar set for 24 September 2008

Once again this year, our Eproplan seminar covering all aspects relating to energy will be taking place, and we are thrilled to report the keen interest our customers have shown in the seminar. Click on this link for more information about this year’s Agenda. We would be pleased to welcome you as a participant (Registration form). 

August 2008

Eproplan also at work in China

Airbus Deutschland GmbH is building a new assembly plant for the Airbus A320 at Tianjin Airport in the People’s Republic of China. Eproplan was commissioned to carry out the baseline assessment, preliminary planning and design planning for:

  • the energy and data technology infrastructure
  • signature technology
  • external lighting
  • CCTV surveillance of the apron area

Eproplan is also responsible for quality assurance of the works in the further planning and completion of the construction project and will be working on site in China for part of the time.

April 2008

Article published on gas and steam power plant project with residual material combustion facility and commissioning of residue-fired boiler at Palm paper mill in Wörth

This project was introduced to the international readership of Pulp&Paper Technology magazine by Eproplan in cooperation with Palm paper mill.

The boiler is fired by burning residues from the waste paper treatment process and went into operation on a trial basis right on schedule at the end of June (Photo).

July 2008

Eproplan plans renovation of district heating supply in Tübingen

The Stadtwerke Tübingen GmbH utility company operates the Gemeinschaftskraftwerk Tübingen (GKT) GmbH’s power plant – the FHW 1 district heating station – and related district heating networks. The northern branch of the district heating supply is to be renovated due to its very poor condition and at the same time will be converted from steam to hot water. Currently, approx. 63 buildings are supplied with heat from the northern branch, the majority of which form part of Tübingen University Hospital and the University of Tübingen.

Eproplan has developed an all-inclusive concept and is planning the new district heating sections and substations as well as supervising the construction work. The contract for the construction of the pipelines has recently been awarded and tenders for the new substations have gone out to suppliers. The conversion is being carried out under challenging conditions whilst the premises are still in use and should be completed at or around the end of 2009.

July 2008

“SME energy efficiency” subsidy programme – Baden-Württemberg’s climate protection+ programme is extended

The Environment Ministry has added process engineering as a new pillar to its subsidy programme, consisting of:

  • CO2reduction programme for operational processes and cross-section technologies
  • Consultancy programme for operational processes and cross-section technologies (extended to 31.12.08)
  • Inter-company energy efficiency round table events
Funds may be applied for from the existing budget. Further details are available online at www.klimaschutz-plus.baden-wuerttemberg.de. Eproplan is involved here by contributing planning and consultancy services and providing assistance in the preparation of funding applications.
July 2008

Launch of special KfW funding for energy efficiency advice service for SMEs

As part of the drive to promote consultancy, subsidies are to be provided by the publicly funded KfW development bank for an accredited and independent energy efficiency advice service for industrial enterprises. This service is intended to highlight weaknesses in the efficient use of energy and draw up suggestions and/or specific measures for energy-saving and cost-saving improvements. Further details are available online at kfw-foerderbank.de. Eproplan is involved in providing this service as well as assisting with preparing funding applications and implementing the measures.

March 2008

Restructuring of Alcatel SEL premises and Alcatel University in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen completed

Alcatel SEL’s company premises in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen have been restructured and modernised. This involved the upgrading and reconstruction of service facilities on the premises. The following construction work was carried out:

  • Construction / renovation of Alcatel University’s Research and Development Centre (15,000 m2 GFA). This building requires the removal of cooling loads of up to 600 W/m2 (air handling capacity of 200,000 m3/h, cooling capacity of approx. 4 MW)
  • Renovation / conversion of administration, office and production buildings (57,000 m2 GFA). This also includes the Alcatel multistory building.
  • Training and conference centre newbuild (13,000 m2 GFA)
Eproplan provided the overall technical planning for the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, hygiene, sprinkler system and media facilities. All construction works were carried out whilst the Alcatel premises were in use.

February 2008

New Eproplan company prospectus

February 2008 sees the completion of the new Eproplan company prospectus. The new design provides an overview of our corporate philosophy, core businesses and service portfolio, as well as Eproplan’s project experience and strengths. The development of Eproplan over 25 years is explained briefly in a supplementary leaflet.

If you would like a copy of our new prospectus, it is available on request from Ms. Brandt (tel. no. +49 (0)711 7698842 or email s.brandt@eproplan.de). 

February 2008

Presentation to printing businesses on “Energy efficiency from generator to consumer”

On 22.02.08, Eproplan gave a presentation on the subject of energy efficiency in printing at a seminar for Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG’s printing businesses in Heidelberg. 15 printing businesses expressed great interest in the issue during the discussions.

February 2008

Two new combined gas and steam CHP plants for Palm paper mills

The two new combined gas and steam CHP plants for Palm paper mills in Wörth and Eltmann were successfully commissioned and handed over before Christmas. Two 60 MW gas and steam CHP plants of virtually identical design were erected at both paper mills after a lead time of around two years for planning and construction. The CHP plant at the Wörth site will be supplemented with a residue-fired boiler by mid-2008. This will provide a residual fuel heat capacity of around 52 MW, whereby Palm will use production residue materials and waste water treatment slurries to produce energy. As a result, two modern and highly cost-efficient energy concepts will have been realised. Eproplan developed the concepts for both CHP plants and carried out the overall planning. The official inauguration has since taken place at Eltmann (see article in the Mainpost edition of 14.01.08)
January 2008

East Württemberg Energy Efficiency Round Table advised by Eproplan

Since September 2007, Eproplan has been advising the eight SMEs that make up the East Württemberg Energy Efficiency Round Table. From October to December 2007, Eproplan held initial consultations at the businesses’ premises and identified around 130 energy-saving measures with potential energy savings of around 9 million kWh p.a. (10 %).

January 2008

Presentation to E-World trade fair in Essen on 19.02.08 on “Energy efficiency in industry and commerce from generator to consumer”

Eproplan will give a presentation on this topic on 19.02.08 at the 12th North Rhine-Westphalia EnergyAgency Congress as part of the E-World trade fair.
January 2008

Federal Cartel Office forces RWE to auction 46 million MWh electricity volume

More detailed information on this subject is available in our Eproplan Information Resource on electricity procurement – please contact Ms. Brandt on extension 42.

December 2007

Planning approval application submitted for new combined gas and steam plant plus residue material power plant

In November 2007, the Lang paper mill in Ettringen submitted its application for planning approval for a new combined gas and steam power plant with capacities of 24 MW (steam turbine) and 30 MW (gas turboset) and including a residue combustion plant (residual fuel heat capacity of 80 MW, production residues, substitute fuels). Eproplan developed the overall concept for this project and prepared the planning application in accordance with the 17th Federal Immissions Control Act, 17 BImSchV.

November 2007

Applications for CO2 emissions trading allocations filed for more than 50 heating plants and CHP plants

In recent weeks, Eproplan has prepared allocation applications for 52 heating plants and CHP plants affected by CO2 trading, enabling plant operators to submit their allocation applications to German Emissions Trading Authority, the DEHSt.

November 2007

Ex-post adjustment for CO2 emissions trading in trading periods 2005 – 2007 confirmed by European Court

November 2007

Energy management workshop at Karlsruhe CCI

Eproplan’s workshop on energy management organised under the auspices of the State Environmental Protection Agency for SMEs at Karlsruhe CCI was hailed a success. A number of presentations provided practical advice and covered the issue of energy management comprehensively, including:

  • An overview of energy management in businesses and companies
  • Energy-saving concepts from generator to consumer
  • Contracting energy for industrial and commercial companies
The workshop documents are available at a charge of € 20 to cover administration costs. Please contact Ms. Brandt on extension 42).

October 2007

Tender issued for construction of two new cooling plants and modernisation of Würzburg University’s heating plant

Würzburg University’s 40 year-old heating plant is to be completely modernised and fitted to new boilers and a new connection set up to the district heating system operated by the Stadtwerke Würzburg utility company. Two new off-grid cooling units with absorption cooling machines are to be built to supply the University campus. Eproplan carried out the entire planning for the project and tenders were issued in October 2007.
October 2007

Energy saving potential of around 67 million kWh p.a. identified in 12 industrial enterprises in Lower Franconia

In September 2007, initial consultancy sessions and baseline assessments in energy saving were completed for 12 industrial SMEs as part of the Lower Franconia Energy Efficiency Initiative. Around 180 measures for potential energy savings of approx. 67 million. kWh p.a. were identified and assessed by Eproplan’s energy consultants. Now, with Eproplan’s assistance, the businesses are set to implement the measures.
October 2007

Planning of new industrial power plant for Zülpich paper mill

Eproplan has received an order from Zülpich paper mill for the planning of a new industrial power plant to be fired with lignite and production residues. The new power plant is expected to come onstream at the end of 2009 with a steam generation capacity of approx. 100 t/hr and an electrical capacity of around 15 MW.
June / Oct. 2007

Eproplan Quality Management System successfully re-certified

In 1995, Eproplan was one of the first engineering companies to implement a DIN ISO 9001-compliant quality management system. In September 2007, the quality management system was successfully re-certified by TÜV Südwest for a further three years. The continuous improvement process which is part of the QMS contributes to Eproplan’s capacity to deliver top quality planning and consultancy services to its customers.

September 2007

Success for 2007 Eproplan Best Practice Seminar

For the third year in succession, Eproplan has chalked up another success with its Best Practice Seminar on energy issues held on 20.09.07 in Stuttgart-Vaihingen. 27 participants attended the presentations and discussed the latest issues in energy procurement, CO2 emissions trading and developments in CHP and Renewable Energy Sources legislation. There was also a presentation on the new combined gas and steam CHP plant and residue combustion facility at Palm paper mill in Wörth. We would be delighted to forward the seminar documents to you (administrative charge of € 30). Please contact Ms. Brandt on extension 42.
September 2007

Energy-saving concepts for 20 paper mills in last three years

Over the past three years, Eproplan has prepared holistic energy-saving concepts for some 20 paper mills in Germany and elsewhere in Europe. Extensive and highly cost-effective potential savings were identified at all the paper mills. The comprehensive on-site audits, in-depth consultancy discussions with operators and not least the holistic approach were greatly valued by the companies. In some cases, initial energy-savings measures were implemented even while consultations were still in progress.

Feb./June 2007

Eproplan celebrates 25 years

Eproplan celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2007. Eproplan GmbH was founded in 1982 by Horst Schlumberger as an independent engineering firm and since then has developed into a successful engineering company which commands great respect on the market. The anniversary was celebrated in true party spirit complete with entertainment.
Feb./June 2007