Technical building services

We provide our clients with expert advice and planning services in the areas of technical building services and local district heating, from the initial design to the finished building. Our approach is holistic, covering concept design, planning and construction supervision with the overarching project always in mind:

Overall planning and construction supervision of

  • heating supply, heating
  • indoor climate, ventilation
  • cooling systems, cooling water, compressed air
  • water supply, drainage, sanitation
  • fire extinguishing systems/equipment
  • fire alarm systems
  • electrical engineering
  • information, communications and security technology
  • building automation

Services for new-build projects and the modernisation of office, industrial and manufacturing buildings, power stations, R&D facilities and educational establishments, hospitals, clinics, public buildings etc. include:

  • local CHP heating systems, wood-fired heating systems, use of solar energy, heat pumps etc.
  • optimisation and redevelopment plans (high-level and detailed analysis)
  • initial and detailed BAFA consultations, energy audits in accordance with DIN 16247-1
  • status surveys and reports, analyses and documentation
  • maintenance planning and organisation
  • technical consultation and quality assurance services for project development
  • metrological surveys of building systems and utilities supply (heating, cooling systems, compressed air, electricity etc.)
  • technical monitoring of buildings and plant
  • issuing of EnEv-compliant energy certificates
  • issuing of certificates of compliance with the Renewable Energies Heating Act (EEWärmeG, EWärme-G BW)
  • energy efficiency inspections of ventilation and air conditioning systems in accordance with EnEv

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