Welcome to eproplan

Eproplan GmbH is an independent engineering company. Since its foundation in 1982, Eproplan GmbH has established itself in the market as a successful and well-respected engineering firm. We provide holistic planning and consultancy services in the areas of energy management, energy and environmental engineering, electrical engineering and control technology and technical building services.

Our most valuable assets...

are the knowledge, experience and commitment that our employees bring to the job. We cultivate a working environment in which colleagues communicate openly with one another and share their own expertise as well as pointers to other sources of knowledge. With us, you can have a single point of contact who coordinates and monitors all the work for an overall project.


We cooperate efficiently with construction designers and architects, and draw on the specialist knowledge of external experts as appropriate. Flexible, efficient, target-oriented work processes are a cornerstone of our company structure. And the foundation underpinning them is our ISO 9001-certified quality management system.


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We offer...

tailored solutions for our clients.  Where we are asked to provide partial services, we always take account of the superordinated aspects of the overall project and control the interfaces. Our services include:

  • Conceptual design, feasibility studies and expert reports
  • Project development and consultancy
  • Basic evaluation and preliminary planning
  • Design planning
  • Approval planning
  • Execution planning
  • Preparation for, and assistance with, the contract award process
  • Construction and project supervision
  • Documentation and operating manuals
  • Energy management and energy procurement
  • Project management and quality assurance

Customer benefit and project experience

Our many clients have been relying on our experience in solving and executing their energy and planning challenges for many years now. In all that we do, our emphasis is on the customer benefit. To that end, we place all our considerable expertise at our clients’ disposal. Our client base includes:

  • Industrial and manufacturing companies
  • Public-sector clients
  • Utilities

In times and markets characterised by liberalisation and constant change, as an intellectually and financially independent company with no bias or connections in respect of suppliers, we prove our worth as a reliable partner. We are quick to anticipate and tackle new challenges and are continuously expanding our range of services.

A small selection of our reference projects