Energy management

With our energy management service offering, our prime objective is to source and secure for you »a supply of energy you can bank on, a high level of energy efficiency and low energy costs«.


It is essential to take a holistic approach to energy costs and energy systems to achieve this.

Our services cover:

  • The drawing up of an optimal energy concept for steam, hot water, electricity, refrigeration and compressed air using fossil fuels and renewable energy sources, and where appropriate using waste heat recovery and/or waste, residual and alternative fuels
  • The creation of energy saving concepts for the efficient use of energy and energy efficiency improvements in the production, distribution and use of energy
  • Consultancy services in the area of carbon emissions trading, e.g. applications for allocations, reporting, monitoring and support in obtaining aid for indirect CO2 costs (electricity price compensation)
  • Consultancy services in conjunction with outsourcing/contracting of energy supply (optimal energy concept, composing the invitation to tender, evaluation and support for the contract award, execution support)
  • Sourcing of electricity, natural gas, district heating and other energy carriers; also contract reviews for industrial operations and large facilities
  • Development of data capture and evaluation systems to assist energy controlling
  • Expert assistance with the scrutiny (due diligence) and development of energy projects
  • Facilitation, supervision and advising of energy efficiency networks
  • Consultancy services in conjunction with the development, implementation and continual use of energy management systems compliant with ISO 50001 and alternative systems.
  • Provision of an external “energy officer” for the energy management systems, as required for ISO 50001
  • Reports to establish the primary energy factors in energy supply
  • Expert reports evaluating the economic viability of cogeneration systems
  • Advice on grants (BAFA, KfW, Klimaschutz-Plus etc.)
  • Capacity building, training courses and seminars on energy management, energy audits, energy design concepts, energy efficiency, best practice
  • Energy value stream analyses for production plants

Our energy concepts incorporate state-of-the-art technical solutions and take into account future developments, where appropriate.