Energy and environmental engineering

In the areas of energy and environmental engineering, we provide services for the design, overall planning, construction supervision and start-up management of power plants - with or without power-heat coupling - with the sub-systems that go with them, for all commonly used combustibles including residual and alternative fuels and biomass.

These include:

  • Power-heat (refrigeration) coupling plant and heating stations
  • Combined heat and power units with engines and gas turbines
  • Steam and gas turbine heating and power stations
  • Combined gas and steam turbine heating and power stations
  • Heating stations and heating and power stations running on renewable energies (wood, biomass, biogas-fuelled)
  • Heating and power stations powered by solid, residual and alternative fuels
  • Biogas processing plant to feed into the grid
  • District heating systems
  • Individual systems within a power station, e.g. steam generator, water-steam cycle with a steam turbine generator, flue gas cleaning etc.
  • Central cooling plants with e.g. compression and absorption refrigeration systems and cooling networks
  • Planning services for the individual stages of an overarching project e.g. pipework and installation planning or construction supervision
  • Documentation of actual status (P&ID, layout plans)
  • Approvals planning and management
  • Creation/updating of operating manuals

With the projects that we plan and execute we are making a contribution towards conserving energy resources and towards climate protection.