Each of our staff has access to a modern PC workstation. All our IT/CAD systems meet the hardware and software requirements of the particular fields.

To give an example, we have the necessary programs / resources to perform the following calculations:

Energy technology

  • Thermodynamic circulation calculations
  • Gas turbine and waste heat recovery boiler programs, steam turbine calculations etc.
  • Simulation of electrical networks, short-circuit and load flow calculations
  • Pipe system calculations inc. for steam and condensation systems, hot, cold, cooling and drinking water systems, gas systems
  • COMOS (CAE tool for I&C schemata)

Technical building services

  • Heat load, heating surface configuration, pipe system calculations
  • Cooling load, sewerage calculations
  • Quantity computation
  • Sound pressure calculations
  • Lighting calculations
  • Tools for calculating energy efficiency in cross-section technologies

Energy management

  • Heating, cooling and power requirement with load curve and annual load duration curve
  • Energy, emissions and pollution balances
  • Cost and feasibility studies
  • Calculation of lead-through costs for electricity and gas
  • Simulation for structured electricity procurement
  • Energy controlling

Project and quality management

  • Invitation to tender, comparison of bids, pricing and cost tracking/control
  • Cost determination and tracking
  • Project management with work packages, competencies, document management and processing lists

Measuring equipment and miscellaneous

We also have a wide range of measuring devices with memory and analysis modules e.g. for

  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Air speed
  • Volumetric flow rates
  • Luminance
  • Sound
  • Thermal imaging