Energy and Environmental Technology

Our Energy and Environmental Technology unit provides services for the design, complete planning, construction and commissioning management of power stations with and without combined heat and power together with the associated secondary facilities for all standard fuels including residual fuels, substitute fuels and biomass. They include:

  • Heating plants
  • Combined heat and power and combined cooling, heat and power plants
  • Cogeneration systems with motors and gas turbines
  • Steam turbine CHP plants
  • Gas turbine CHP plants
  • Combined gas and steam turbine CHP plants
  • CHP plants with coal firing, biomass firing, combustion of residual and substitute fuels
  • District heating systems
  • Single systems in power plants, e.g. steam generators, water-steam circulation with steam turboset, flue gas cleaning etc.
  • Cooling plants inc. with compressor and absorption cooling systems and cooling networks
  • Trade-specific planning services, e.g. pipeline and erection planning or construction supervision
  • Documentation of the actual status (R&I schemata, layout diagrams)
  • Approval planning and approval management
  • Creation/revision of operating manuals
We play our part in preserving energy resources and protecting the environment when we plan and realise our projects.