Electrical and Process Control Technology

Our Electrical and Process Control Technology department is where we plan electrical installations and I&C facilities, including operating and monitoring equipment. The range of services includes the following:

  • Planning and construction management for electrical and process control technology in

    • energy and environmental engineering, e.g. for industrial power plants and waste water treatment facilities
    • technical building services and building services management systems for industrial and administrative buildings, hospitals, clinics, public buildings and other construction projects
  • Minimum and low-current switchgear
  • Consumer distributors
  • Emergency power and stand-by plants
  • Light and power installations
  • IT networks, communication, information and security technology
  • Fire safety systems (electrical and process control elements)
  • Simulation of electrical networks with short-circuit current and load flow calculations for industrial enterprises and large facilities
  • Implementation of energy saving potential (EI&C, process engineering)

Function and effect require integrated and holistic system solutions. We deliver purpose-driven solutions.