Development and Philosophy

Eproplan GmbH was founded by Horst Schlumberger in 1982 as and independant firm of consulting engineers. His aim was to establish a flexible service provider focusing its activities on the specific needs and requirements of its costumers, particularly for SMEs in energy-intensive industries and operators of large facilities.

He pursued this strategy consistently, enjoying success through his enormous energy and enthusiasm. He was at all times keen to pass on to his staff extensive he had gained at home and abroad over many years and to create a climate of absolute openess and transparency.

In 2005 Horst Schlumberger handed over management of the firm to the new managing board, who are driving the company forward in pursuit of the same objectives. As a shareholder and chairman of Eproplan's Advisory Board, Horst Schlumberger's enormous wealth of experiences remains available to the firm. 

Our history